Don Wessels - Motivational Speaker and Life Coach

Don Wessels is a professional motivational speaker. Don has a standard portfolio of four, highly inspirational, motivational presentations. Each presentation is of about 40 minutes duration and can be shortened, lengthened or combined according to specific needs.

Don's Motivational Presentations

'Blind insight' - disability mirroring and enlightening able bodied people.

'The balancing act of life' - For a fresh injection of positivism, motivation and higher morale.

'Two mountains' - Mount Kilimanjaro and the mountain of life.

'The fairer sex' - A talk especially designed for a female audience.

'My testimony' - Faith gives me hope, helps me to be an optimist and gives me a never-faltering yearning for life.

"Great opportunities are not seen with your eyes. They are seen with your mind." Robert Kiyosaki


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Don Wessels | Published 19 April 2008 | Updated 01 November 2009